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Welcome to our Filipina Dating Site for friendship, love, romance, and marriage.

It's called filipina-smiles because Filipina Girls are famous the world over for their charming smiles.

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Filipina Dating

Start looking for your lovely Filipina bride here at filipina-smiles. It's a free Filipina dating service with everything you need to find your Filipina girl.

Good foreign men are in strong demand whatever their age. So come and discover the magic of the orient. Join now and start straight away.



International Filipina Dating

You can find a wonderful wife or Filipina friend in the Philippines, if you go about it the right way. And there are many happily married western men who can testify to the virtues of their treasured Filipina wives.

Filipina smiles is a great place for retirees, expats, travellers, and divorcees who have lost faith in western women. Age is no barrier in Filipina Dating, men are judged more for themselves as a person. But because of the shortage of younger western men, there is a huge demend for men under 40, and they will be over-whelmed with interest on Filipina dating sites.

Regardless of age, the most successful men tend to be kind, sincere, english-speaking men, who make the effort to understand filipino culture and values, and who treat filipino women with a high level of respect.


Why date Filipina?

Most of the many western men who have married Filipina girls will testify to the faithful, loyal and loving virtues of their treasured wives. Filipina are also characterised by having a lack of concern for the age and appearance of their partners, and for their outstanding beauty. They attach more importance to happy family life than to material goods, and are mostly happy with a modest simple life-style. Here are just some of the qualities which make them the perfect life-time companions.

Communication Skills
Communication is very easy with Filipina women, unlike many other Asian women, most Filipina speak fluent English, and they love to chat and get to know their partner. And they understand western culture and Christian culture very well.

Religious Values
Most Filipina are Roman Catholic and have a strong faith in God, and are strongly guided by religious values including a strong commitment to marriage.

Filipina girls believe in a life-long relationship. There is no divorce in the Philippines, and they don't believe in separation. Filipina girls are brought up to respect the sacredness of marriage as a life-time commitment, and to respect, honour, love and please their husbands. And to dedicate themselves to making a marriage work.

Family Values
Filipina have extremely strong family values. They tend to come from large and poor families where family commitment is seen as the key to survival and happiness. It's part of their culture to value family bonds and to work for the family, and sacrifice for the family. They will never desert a child or elderly family member. Their husband is the centre of their family devotion.

Home-Making Skills
Filipina are very capable house-keepers. They share in their house keeping duties from a very early age and are very accomplished in domestic duties. They take great pride in their home, not just in it's cleanliness, but in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Filipina are internationally renown for their beauty, and for their charming smiles. Most are very petite, with golden-brown skin, and lithesome bodies. In the provinces, many benefit from a healthy diet rich in rice, sea-food and fruit.

Filipinas are kindhearted, supportive, loving, and very feminine. They have a sunny disposition and love to smile. They are modest, humble, polite and respectful, and don't like to argue. They are mostly softly-spoken, sweet, and gentle ladies who are dedicated to their husbands and families.

Filipina do not suffer like other Asian women from a culture which believes that education is mainly for men. They are mostly well educated and intelligent ladies.

Childcare Skills
Filipina are prized the world over as caregivers and nurses. They share in the care of their many siblings from an early age are very loving and accomplished child carers.

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